Testimonials and Feedback

October 2010

Hi Sarah, my apologies for taking nearly two months to send this EMail to you!

I learnt so much at the seminar in October, within 5 minutes of the Rheumatologist starting his talk, I thought, my goodness, that’s me he is talking about! So many things fell into place and explain why I feel the way I feel so often.
At our first arthritis support group meeting this year, one member who has Sjögrens said that because of the Sjögrens, the callouses on her feet had split open and were very painful. I nearly fell off my chair, as that is exactly what had happened to me last summer!! I tried every Foot Balm & cream to no avail so just put up with painful, bleeding feet all summer. When the days got very warm here last month, I started wearing jandals around home, and guess what? the callouses split open again. The solution? I stopped wearing jandals and now wear sandals, end of problem. I guess the foot uses different muscles to keep jandals on our feet and put a strain on the sides of the feet. Hope this tip helps anybody in your group who has had this problem.
I found the Mouth Gel just marvellous, the first night that I used it, I slept for 7 hours!! a record for me as with the discomfort of the Ankylosing Spondylitis & the sleep deprivation associated with Fibromyalgia, my sleep pattern is very disturbed.
I look forward to attending next year’s Seminar.
Regards, Karen Edmeades, Whangarei.